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Day #6 – Tools of the Writing Trade

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Today’s tools for writing are far more advanced than a simple pen or pencil that was once used to crank out thousands of words per day.  Truth be told… there are some folks who still prefer the OLD way.  But there are those of us who gladly bypass the stone age and embrace technology as the gift that it is!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…technology gods!  *she gets off her knees* The computer is the best thing since…TV!  …and the internet is a function thereof.

Now that we’ve established that one of today’s essential tools of the trade is a computer.  What is a computer without software?  It’s software that makes your computer shine!  That’s right!  Software can either make or break you.  You can use a program like Word pad or you can use a more powerful program like NeoOffice.  One allows you to type words which is great yet, the other allows you to manipulate those words on the page in ways novelists of the past could only dream about. So…What’s on your desktop?

With this in mind I searched for some software to help make this month a lot easier? Well…there are quite a few nd here are a few suggestions from the forums at nanowrimo.

the following is a little compilation I’ve put together to help make life easier for you:

Here Novel 386 gives a list of the perks including software!

Scrivener Review – for Mac users like me (from literatureandlatte)

Storyist – if you’re in the market for a Kindle.  You may want to participate.

Storymillforum, and another review from macupdate.

FastPencil – I think this one is for PC.  You can use software for free… It’s got a $400 or more pricetag attached to it when it’s time to publish.  If you’re a serious writer it may be worth it.  Another review.

I’m a Mac user so these may be Mac slanted.  I hope you will find these useful.

Publishing/Proof Copies:

CreatesSpace – more on create space, and a little more.

Lulu – vs chart vs createspace.


FREE Indie Author Guide by April Hamilton.  Visit her blog too.  It’s got good stuff.

Here’s a grab bag of sites that discuss tools you can use for helping with your success during nanowrimo!

top 5 tools for Success, Handy Tools, Tools and Tips Hodge Podge of Stuff, and finally an article from deviant art !

Oh yeah and CALENDARS!!!

I think that’s enough for now.  Let me know what tools you choose or have chosen!

My NanoWriMo Update

Yesterday’s success was a surprise.  I’m still not happy with the way the story is going but I’m happy that I’m cranking out the words.   I’m not doing 10K words a day…that just hasn’t happened but its been heard of.  I’ll save my comment on those over achievers for another post.

OK…Here’s the update.

Day 1 = FAIL 0 words

Day 2 = Succes = 4,257

Day 3 = Success = 2,269

Day 4 = FAIL = 976!

Day 5 = SUCCESS = 2376

Day 6 = I will always predict success!!! 😉 it keeps me smiling.  Stay tuned…

Today’s Motivation Tip: You can get a FREE copy of your novel’s first draft if you suceed!!! That means all the not so perfectly written plots and not so well thought out characters can be yours…in print…for free! (I hope that was more motivation for YOU than it was for ME).

Today’s Procrastination Tip: If you have to take some time away from your writing and mellow out.  Research some of the tools of the trade.  Share them if you like…we’ll be right here.


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November 6, 2009 at 1:22 pm

Day #5 – Are you writing a Literary Classic for NanoWrimo?

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The literary one Month!

Are you writing a literary classic or are you like me and failing to hit the literary barely able to read list.  That’s where I think my story is headed…but let’s hope not.  That’s the stressor to avoid!!

So far, I’m not sure how my story is going to come together.  I was going for humor and I hate to admit it… it’s just not that funny!  I mean the characters themselves are funny or have funny things going on but HOW do you translate that to a FUNNY situation.  I was hoping it would be conveyed through the story…but hey who has to convey that? ooh. I don’t know…ME! lol.

In my head I can see things happening but putting it down on paper makes it a little bit droll.  I’m wondering if I’m not writing a screenplay or movie versus a good book.   I can see why preparation might have been in order here.

I want to pitch it and start from scratch! But…I won’t b/c I read that you should.  PROCRASTINATION ALERT! Starting something over and over again is how you never get anything done.  This is why I decided to participate in

Hey guys…I’m on Twittter!

OK…Here’s the update.

Day 1 = FAIL 0 words

Day 2 = Succes = 4,257

Day 3 = Success = 2,269

Day 4 = FAIL = 976!

Day 5 = prediction…success!!  already have …1069 for today! SUCCESS = 2376

MOTIVATION TIP: There are 146,811 authors that are embarked on this journey.  Lots of them will NOT make a classic but all of them that complete their task WILL be proud of themselves…including YOU!

PROCRASTINATION TIP: Don’t let the need for perfection get in the way of DOing something and completing nothing.   Even if you think it’s not the BEST YOU!  It’s better to have something to revise than nothing at all.  Who cares if you have 30 unrevised completed books…you have them!