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Day #23 – Almost There – What will You Do With Your Nanowrimo Novel When You’re done?

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The thought of the month ending brought up a perfectly good thought (IMHO).  Let’s say you successfully make it through this “seat of your pants” method of writing your novel; then what?

What will you do with your novel?

People get all gung ho about NanoWriMo but, I think most people don’t stop to think about what they want to do with the finished product.  Have you?

There are lots of great freebies for putting it into a edit copy.  Will you edit? Or will that be it and the edit copy will serve as a testament to your sticktuitivity (that’s a word I’m sure of it)?  Will it become a paper weight that you pine over for years saying you wish you had done something with that novel. Or…will it be the fuel to write a better novel next year?

I’ve heard that some of the NanoWriMo veterans will use December as their editing month.  ( I actually like this idea).

I’ve heard that some people are content with the fact that they completed their novel and this will be notch in their belt or a a check off of their 43 things! Woohoo!

I read in another blog somewhere 50K is not nearly enough for a REAL novel and that they were going for 80K.  – I say cheers!!

I’d be interested in hearing what NanoWriMo completers will do with their final product.  What process they plan to take afterwards…

For me, I hope it doesn’t turn into a Procrastinator’s Project!!! Oh no!!

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November 23, 2009 at 12:12 pm

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