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NanoWriMo : No Computer No Problem – Fighting Computer Addiction & Winning

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OK. This post almost didn’t make it because I used “quickpress” for a quick post and one missed slight of hand and voila!! my completed posting was nowhere to be found and NOT saved.  I was a little peeved.   You know you can never write as great of a post the second time around.  It’s like Blog LAW or something. OK back to our regular scheduled programming:

This post is about computer addiction, being behind the ball, NO NanoWriMo word count and NO wordpress post for 7 days!!!

As you may have already noticed…there is a large gap between Day #10 and Day #17 of my postings!  Why? Well…here’s the SHORT story:

I HAD to attend a conference is Las Vegas! Yes…it was a necessity to go to Las Vegas (for the first time I might add).

The longer story: I had three bags!! I didn’t want to pay the extra 20 bucks to check my carryon!! (that’s another soap box).   Somewhere in between trimming my suitcase fat and stripping for TSA….I lost my Mac Book power cord.  The kicker?  It’s only the first day of travel! NOTE: I ALWAYS lose at least 1 important thing during travel! This is another law that ONLY pertains to me (this is a curse).

Losing my Mac Book cord on DAY #1 was a bummer and a blessing in disguise. Without even knowing it…I like so many other people have become a computer addict!!!

I reached for my computer the moment I got to my hotel room.  I wanted to make sure that my computer was all in one piece and set up waiting on my every need with its soothing light to light my path on to the super highway we call the internet.

I more roughly then I should have encouraged my Diesel book bag to let go of its grip on my Mac Book Pro.  It was a tight squeeze.   I cringed as it grazed the side of my camera.  Why hadn’t I taken the camera out first?  so that wouldn’t happen.  My Mac Book Pro has no protective casing.  I have always been a cheapskate and this was no different.   Everytime I get ready to purchase a casing, I’ve gotten side tracked and it just never happens.  Now three scratches, 3 insignificant drops, and almost 2 years later…I don’t see the point.  My only reason at this point would be the sexy look of a green or red clear case that illuminated with the glowing apple on the outside of my Mac!  I have resisted the urge.   Now that I think about it, I found a case for 30 dollars including shipping. It just may be worth it.

As I set my  Mac book in the perfect place in the room next to a power outlet.  I went back to my bag and reached for the computer cord.   The space where it was was empty.  Hmmm….  I calmly searched for the cord in the hidden multi-pocketed Diesel hiking bag.  Anxiety began to build as I reached in pocket after pocket.   It wasn’t there.   I took a big gulp of air.  The anxiety  was increasing.  Could it be that I  left my cord in the TSA line?  what about the plane?  How does one lose a cord?

I remembered the LAST time I saw it.  I took it out of its resting place because I saw the young man in front of me do the same.  I figured it was required.  I couldn’t remember doing it before.  But, I wanted to get through the security line as quickly and seamless as possible.  I was already bogged down with my boots,  my jacket, my blanket, and my books in my hand.  I remember putting it in one of the grey bins that you get on one end and putting it in a bin all its own so that I wouldn’t forget it.  It never made it back to the room and that sinking feeling turned into downright disgust!

I was an entire 7 days without:

E-mail, Facebook, wordpress, linked-in, nanowrimo, scrivener, ning, Tigerrooundup, chat, SheWrites,, animecrazy, and all the other communities I have managed to belong.

Needless to say this was an unplanned challenge.  I’m happy to say that I met the challenge and I WON!!!   For the first few days I didn’t know what to do with myself in my downtime.  I was baffled of what to do with spare time (it exists and I’ve seen this enigma…it’s so exhilarating and freeing). had to offer.  Now I’m back and totally under the gun.

I have e-mails to answer and other NEW challenges.   But, I’m ready and rejuvenated enough to meet the next challenge!! I dare ANYone else to do it.

I will admit that Twitter was more accessible than the others so I was able to send a few Tweets in between cab rides and lecture breaks!   But, overall.  I didn’t have any withdrawl symptoms for computer addiction.


My Daily WordCount Update:

Well… I have written around $17,500 words.  But, I can’t prove it because its stuck on the mac.  Hopefully, my comuter woes will be well taken care of by the end of the month with my 50K words.  For now…I’ll get to writing.  In the meantime…I’ll be writing my novel from my PC located in my brother’s room! That takes care of daytime work…what about at night?  (ahh…gotta love it)

See everyone at the finish line!

Written by motivatedprocrastinator

November 18, 2009 at 6:06 pm

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