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Day #8 of NanoWriMo – Santa has the Right Idea

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Today The focus is on Procrastination…doh!

Motivation: Motivation starts with good habits.  Start each day with a list!

Procrastination: Yesterday, I went to the store, spent an hour shopping, looked at the line, gave one of the store attendants my booty and walked out.  It was not worth my time.  In fact…I caught myself.  I had not planned on going to that particular store.  It was next door to the place I was going.  I would have spent money I hadn’t planned on spending and used valuable time I wasn’t prepared to offer the procrastination gods.  The moral:  When you go out…make a list of what you’re planning to do BEFORE you leave.  If you’re going to stop at the grocery store, get something to eat…then stick to it and don’t veer away from the original plan unless it’s an emergency (ie.  I forgot to add my 3 year olds asthma medication on the list.  Then I think it’s ok to be flexible).

Today’s NanoWriMo UpDate

Last Week’s Daily Updates

Day #8: Predicting More Success…

I’m excited about my novel it hasn’t petered out yet.  I’ve also found new love interests for my many heroins.  Now I have to figure out how they meet and how they get around to actually engaging.  This novel thing can make you kind of arrogant…you know like a god-figure.  No wonder Zuess and the gods had complexes.   (that sounds like a great idea for my next book…”The Zuess Complex).  I am on fire!  **she sizzles**


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November 8, 2009 at 11:20 am

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