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Day #5 – Are you writing a Literary Classic for NanoWrimo?

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The literary one Month!

Are you writing a literary classic or are you like me and failing to hit the literary barely able to read list.  That’s where I think my story is headed…but let’s hope not.  That’s the stressor to avoid!!

So far, I’m not sure how my story is going to come together.  I was going for humor and I hate to admit it… it’s just not that funny!  I mean the characters themselves are funny or have funny things going on but HOW do you translate that to a FUNNY situation.  I was hoping it would be conveyed through the story…but hey who has to convey that? ooh. I don’t know…ME! lol.

In my head I can see things happening but putting it down on paper makes it a little bit droll.  I’m wondering if I’m not writing a screenplay or movie versus a good book.   I can see why preparation might have been in order here.

I want to pitch it and start from scratch! But…I won’t b/c I read that you should.  PROCRASTINATION ALERT! Starting something over and over again is how you never get anything done.  This is why I decided to participate in

Hey guys…I’m on Twittter!

OK…Here’s the update.

Day 1 = FAIL 0 words

Day 2 = Succes = 4,257

Day 3 = Success = 2,269

Day 4 = FAIL = 976!

Day 5 = prediction…success!!  already have …1069 for today! SUCCESS = 2376

MOTIVATION TIP: There are 146,811 authors that are embarked on this journey.  Lots of them will NOT make a classic but all of them that complete their task WILL be proud of themselves…including YOU!

PROCRASTINATION TIP: Don’t let the need for perfection get in the way of DOing something and completing nothing.   Even if you think it’s not the BEST YOU!  It’s better to have something to revise than nothing at all.  Who cares if you have 30 unrevised completed books…you have them!


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