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Day #4 – No Plot No Problem? Making the Commitment to your plot during NanoWriMo

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Day #4 of National Novel Writing Month

The confession: I have never done anything for 30 days straight (other than school, even then you skip days).  So, this will indeed be an interesting experience and a test of my sheer will power and diligence.  I tried photography blipping for 30 days….there was always something that came up.  So of course the question is.  Will my plot hold out even if I can?

Here’s the other challenge. What about if you don’t like where your story or plot is going.  Well according to the Procrastination station at, you are not suppose to scrap it, you are not even really suppose to care.  Write whatever comes to mind get it down on paper and the rest…you save that for December.  In the meantime…get all 50, 000 words down on paper so it can be counted for and you can say “I won!” at the end of the month with a starting novel all your own and the satisfaction that you’ve made an accomplishment.  Here here!

Yesterday, I hated where I took my story but I plowed through anyway.  I guess every day will be a journey one that you may or may not like.  You may even look back at that day and say today was a waste of time…but it won’t be because it was another day that helped you reach your goal and tomorrow you can’t just write that fugly part into oblivion with a simple twist or turn to your story.  I know that’s what I will be doing.

Word count UPDATE: Coming sometime between now and midnight.  If yesterday was any indication…it will be midnight.  But, I’m hoping…NOT!

Day 1 = FAIL 0 words

Day 2 = Succes = 4,257

Day 3 = Success = 2,269

Day 4 = FAIL = 976!

Fail? Maybe. But, I am closer to my goal than I was yesterday.  Again, packing too much into a day.  I didn’t get done what I wanted but tomorrow is another day for …SUCCESS.

Motivation: You can DO This.  Just Hunker down.  DO NOT Edit!

Procrastination: Stay Away!  But, if you find your mind wandering. Try a little literary humor to take your mind off of things and then get back to it!  I just ran across and I love her art and her humor.


Written by motivatedprocrastinator

November 4, 2009 at 6:03 am

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