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Day #23 – Almost There – What will You Do With Your Nanowrimo Novel When You’re done?

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The thought of the month ending brought up a perfectly good thought (IMHO).  Let’s say you successfully make it through this “seat of your pants” method of writing your novel; then what?

What will you do with your novel?

People get all gung ho about NanoWriMo but, I think most people don’t stop to think about what they want to do with the finished product.  Have you?

There are lots of great freebies for putting it into a edit copy.  Will you edit? Or will that be it and the edit copy will serve as a testament to your sticktuitivity (that’s a word I’m sure of it)?  Will it become a paper weight that you pine over for years saying you wish you had done something with that novel. Or…will it be the fuel to write a better novel next year?

I’ve heard that some of the NanoWriMo veterans will use December as their editing month.  ( I actually like this idea).

I’ve heard that some people are content with the fact that they completed their novel and this will be notch in their belt or a a check off of their 43 things! Woohoo!

I read in another blog somewhere 50K is not nearly enough for a REAL novel and that they were going for 80K.  – I say cheers!!

I’d be interested in hearing what NanoWriMo completers will do with their final product.  What process they plan to take afterwards…

For me, I hope it doesn’t turn into a Procrastinator’s Project!!! Oh no!!

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November 23, 2009 at 12:12 pm

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Day #20: NanoWriMo Fail? Help!!!

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I just realized HOW behind I am for the first time!! My trip to Las Vegas!! Getting Sick!!  My lost power cord…typing on my brother’s PC….and ALSO for the first time!! I don’t know where to go with my storyline!! EEEeeek!

As you can imagine writing a novel in 30 days CAN be stressful!!

Daily Word count Update for NanoWriMo

Before I lost access to my computer  (see previous post) I had over 18K words.  I can’t verify that.  I did over 4500 words yesterday and today I could only muster the 1600 required of me.  That puts me around 24K!!   I’ve been staring at the screen for quite awhile.  I don’t think I’m getting much more out of me.

Question: Can you have a successful day of nanowrimo if you’re behind by a week?

I decided to do some exercises that I found on another website!

Maybe that will get the writing juices flowing.  Update tomorrow.  I thought this NanoWriMo was going to be a breeze.  But, when you factor in things that you can’t factor in…hmmm..

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November 20, 2009 at 10:38 pm

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NanoWriMo : No Computer No Problem – Fighting Computer Addiction & Winning

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OK. This post almost didn’t make it because I used “quickpress” for a quick post and one missed slight of hand and voila!! my completed posting was nowhere to be found and NOT saved.  I was a little peeved.   You know you can never write as great of a post the second time around.  It’s like Blog LAW or something. OK back to our regular scheduled programming:

This post is about computer addiction, being behind the ball, NO NanoWriMo word count and NO wordpress post for 7 days!!!

As you may have already noticed…there is a large gap between Day #10 and Day #17 of my postings!  Why? Well…here’s the SHORT story:

I HAD to attend a conference is Las Vegas! Yes…it was a necessity to go to Las Vegas (for the first time I might add).

The longer story: I had three bags!! I didn’t want to pay the extra 20 bucks to check my carryon!! (that’s another soap box).   Somewhere in between trimming my suitcase fat and stripping for TSA….I lost my Mac Book power cord.  The kicker?  It’s only the first day of travel! NOTE: I ALWAYS lose at least 1 important thing during travel! This is another law that ONLY pertains to me (this is a curse).

Losing my Mac Book cord on DAY #1 was a bummer and a blessing in disguise. Without even knowing it…I like so many other people have become a computer addict!!!

I reached for my computer the moment I got to my hotel room.  I wanted to make sure that my computer was all in one piece and set up waiting on my every need with its soothing light to light my path on to the super highway we call the internet.

I more roughly then I should have encouraged my Diesel book bag to let go of its grip on my Mac Book Pro.  It was a tight squeeze.   I cringed as it grazed the side of my camera.  Why hadn’t I taken the camera out first?  so that wouldn’t happen.  My Mac Book Pro has no protective casing.  I have always been a cheapskate and this was no different.   Everytime I get ready to purchase a casing, I’ve gotten side tracked and it just never happens.  Now three scratches, 3 insignificant drops, and almost 2 years later…I don’t see the point.  My only reason at this point would be the sexy look of a green or red clear case that illuminated with the glowing apple on the outside of my Mac!  I have resisted the urge.   Now that I think about it, I found a case for 30 dollars including shipping. It just may be worth it.

As I set my  Mac book in the perfect place in the room next to a power outlet.  I went back to my bag and reached for the computer cord.   The space where it was was empty.  Hmmm….  I calmly searched for the cord in the hidden multi-pocketed Diesel hiking bag.  Anxiety began to build as I reached in pocket after pocket.   It wasn’t there.   I took a big gulp of air.  The anxiety  was increasing.  Could it be that I  left my cord in the TSA line?  what about the plane?  How does one lose a cord?

I remembered the LAST time I saw it.  I took it out of its resting place because I saw the young man in front of me do the same.  I figured it was required.  I couldn’t remember doing it before.  But, I wanted to get through the security line as quickly and seamless as possible.  I was already bogged down with my boots,  my jacket, my blanket, and my books in my hand.  I remember putting it in one of the grey bins that you get on one end and putting it in a bin all its own so that I wouldn’t forget it.  It never made it back to the room and that sinking feeling turned into downright disgust!

I was an entire 7 days without:

E-mail, Facebook, wordpress, linked-in, nanowrimo, scrivener, ning, Tigerrooundup, chat, SheWrites,, animecrazy, and all the other communities I have managed to belong.

Needless to say this was an unplanned challenge.  I’m happy to say that I met the challenge and I WON!!!   For the first few days I didn’t know what to do with myself in my downtime.  I was baffled of what to do with spare time (it exists and I’ve seen this enigma…it’s so exhilarating and freeing). had to offer.  Now I’m back and totally under the gun.

I have e-mails to answer and other NEW challenges.   But, I’m ready and rejuvenated enough to meet the next challenge!! I dare ANYone else to do it.

I will admit that Twitter was more accessible than the others so I was able to send a few Tweets in between cab rides and lecture breaks!   But, overall.  I didn’t have any withdrawl symptoms for computer addiction.


My Daily WordCount Update:

Well… I have written around $17,500 words.  But, I can’t prove it because its stuck on the mac.  Hopefully, my comuter woes will be well taken care of by the end of the month with my 50K words.  For now…I’ll get to writing.  In the meantime…I’ll be writing my novel from my PC located in my brother’s room! That takes care of daytime work…what about at night?  (ahh…gotta love it)

See everyone at the finish line!

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November 18, 2009 at 6:06 pm

Day #10 – What’s on your ipod? Do you write in Silence or Jam like I do?

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I absolutely adore some of the creativity in some of the calendars and other artwork focused on nanowrimo!!! Todays is…

Thanks stringcatL

Not everybody can write in silence.  I can NOT.  While most people like to read and study in silence.  I am the exact opposite.  I am bored to tears!!! …literally.  I get wrestless and I don’t know what to do with myself.  I tend to take in everything around me when there is complete silence.  The faucet dripping in the kitchen, the car alarm outside, the pink elephants in the upstairs condo (OK…its a nice way of saying the loud !@#&(&*)(&$%^&*() neighbors.  (Yes…they are that annoying)  SIDE NOTE: Remember the housing boom?  Remember when it fell out? Well…they forgot a few layers of sound insulation BEFORE they went bankrupt (uuuuughhh)!!

Back to today’s topic…

So…there must be something playing.  If I want to focus…it must be playing LOUDLY.  It drowns out the world around me (especially my pink elephants, who can be fun if you get to know them).  If I really want to super focus it has to be a song I know. That way I don’t focus on the lyrics!!! Eventually, I tune the music out too. It’s quirky I know.

What tunes do you use for motivation if any?

I have to send a SHOUTOUT to one of my 1st readers who link is Fulid. (I haven’t yet figured out this word or what it means.  Everytime I see it I want to move the “l”next to the “f”).  The mixtape he recommended is right up my alley.  I absolutely love it!!  The Bob Dylan song is genius.  I have a very eclectic taste in music and I love music with a little more …substance or it just has to be fun!! Did I mention loud?  In order to drown out the outside sounds I crank it up, all the way up.  This is probably not a good idea for the longterm health of my ears.

What’s your method of focus? Do you use music? What’s on your ipod?  Engage…

Thanks Fulid!

Share what you listen to on your ipod while writing.

My NanoWriMo Daily UPDATE!!! because I’m sure you’re interested…

Last Week’s Daily Updates

Day #8: FAIL: did not pick up!!!

Day #9:FAIL: 789 words

Day #10: 1536 So far today…still NOT at goal but I will catch up today!! tonight!!

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November 11, 2009 at 2:05 am

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Day #8 of NanoWriMo – Santa has the Right Idea

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Today The focus is on Procrastination…doh!

Motivation: Motivation starts with good habits.  Start each day with a list!

Procrastination: Yesterday, I went to the store, spent an hour shopping, looked at the line, gave one of the store attendants my booty and walked out.  It was not worth my time.  In fact…I caught myself.  I had not planned on going to that particular store.  It was next door to the place I was going.  I would have spent money I hadn’t planned on spending and used valuable time I wasn’t prepared to offer the procrastination gods.  The moral:  When you go out…make a list of what you’re planning to do BEFORE you leave.  If you’re going to stop at the grocery store, get something to eat…then stick to it and don’t veer away from the original plan unless it’s an emergency (ie.  I forgot to add my 3 year olds asthma medication on the list.  Then I think it’s ok to be flexible).

Today’s NanoWriMo UpDate

Last Week’s Daily Updates

Day #8: Predicting More Success…

I’m excited about my novel it hasn’t petered out yet.  I’ve also found new love interests for my many heroins.  Now I have to figure out how they meet and how they get around to actually engaging.  This novel thing can make you kind of arrogant…you know like a god-figure.  No wonder Zuess and the gods had complexes.   (that sounds like a great idea for my next book…”The Zuess Complex).  I am on fire!  **she sizzles**

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November 8, 2009 at 11:20 am

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Day # 7 – Distractions – Stay Away from Self Help Blogs!!!

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Don’t get distracted. That’s the tip for the day. That’s it.  Nothing fancy.

It’s the end of the 1st week and you may begin doubting yourself, finding that you are a little more distracted….don’t.  Don’t get distracted from the task at hand which is…complete your novel by any means necessary.  (Yes…the MalcolmX approach.  Who knew he would have literary reference outside of his autobiography).

STAY AWAY FROM SELF HELP LITERATURE.  If you’re reading…you’re not writing. This is a direct quote from hotdogladies blog.  I totally agree.  When you are doing one thing you can’t be doing another.

This is the end of your first week and you may have had some fails and some successes, this is not an excuse to slack off or quit…don’t get distracted.  That’s all they are…fails and successes.  This doesn’t only apply to those doing nanowrimo.  This applies to every aspect of your life.  If you are aiming towards a goal distraction is your worst enemy.  I repeat…DO NOT GET DISTRACTED!!  Put down that blog, vlog, e-mail, book,  and stay MOTIVATED!

Procrastination: If you do get distracted.  Make sure you’re reading something motivational.

Motivation: Distraction is a test of wills you’re stronger than that! 😉


OK…Here’s the update.

Day 1 = FAIL 0 words

Day 2 = Succes = 4,257

Day 3 = Success = 2,269

Day 4 = FAIL = 976!

Day 5 = SUCCESS = 2376

Day 6 = FAIL = 1130

DAY 7 = ON MY WAY….TO SUCCESS!!! = 2734

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November 8, 2009 at 12:56 am

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Day #6 – Tools of the Writing Trade

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Today’s tools for writing are far more advanced than a simple pen or pencil that was once used to crank out thousands of words per day.  Truth be told… there are some folks who still prefer the OLD way.  But there are those of us who gladly bypass the stone age and embrace technology as the gift that it is!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…technology gods!  *she gets off her knees* The computer is the best thing since…TV!  …and the internet is a function thereof.

Now that we’ve established that one of today’s essential tools of the trade is a computer.  What is a computer without software?  It’s software that makes your computer shine!  That’s right!  Software can either make or break you.  You can use a program like Word pad or you can use a more powerful program like NeoOffice.  One allows you to type words which is great yet, the other allows you to manipulate those words on the page in ways novelists of the past could only dream about. So…What’s on your desktop?

With this in mind I searched for some software to help make this month a lot easier? Well…there are quite a few nd here are a few suggestions from the forums at nanowrimo.

the following is a little compilation I’ve put together to help make life easier for you:

Here Novel 386 gives a list of the perks including software!

Scrivener Review – for Mac users like me (from literatureandlatte)

Storyist – if you’re in the market for a Kindle.  You may want to participate.

Storymillforum, and another review from macupdate.

FastPencil – I think this one is for PC.  You can use software for free… It’s got a $400 or more pricetag attached to it when it’s time to publish.  If you’re a serious writer it may be worth it.  Another review.

I’m a Mac user so these may be Mac slanted.  I hope you will find these useful.

Publishing/Proof Copies:

CreatesSpace – more on create space, and a little more.

Lulu – vs chart vs createspace.


FREE Indie Author Guide by April Hamilton.  Visit her blog too.  It’s got good stuff.

Here’s a grab bag of sites that discuss tools you can use for helping with your success during nanowrimo!

top 5 tools for Success, Handy Tools, Tools and Tips Hodge Podge of Stuff, and finally an article from deviant art !

Oh yeah and CALENDARS!!!

I think that’s enough for now.  Let me know what tools you choose or have chosen!

My NanoWriMo Update

Yesterday’s success was a surprise.  I’m still not happy with the way the story is going but I’m happy that I’m cranking out the words.   I’m not doing 10K words a day…that just hasn’t happened but its been heard of.  I’ll save my comment on those over achievers for another post.

OK…Here’s the update.

Day 1 = FAIL 0 words

Day 2 = Succes = 4,257

Day 3 = Success = 2,269

Day 4 = FAIL = 976!

Day 5 = SUCCESS = 2376

Day 6 = I will always predict success!!! 😉 it keeps me smiling.  Stay tuned…

Today’s Motivation Tip: You can get a FREE copy of your novel’s first draft if you suceed!!! That means all the not so perfectly written plots and not so well thought out characters can be yours…in print…for free! (I hope that was more motivation for YOU than it was for ME).

Today’s Procrastination Tip: If you have to take some time away from your writing and mellow out.  Research some of the tools of the trade.  Share them if you like…we’ll be right here.

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November 6, 2009 at 1:22 pm